What does it do?

Designed for the fuel needs of Road Haulage Association members, the RHA Fuel Card offers savings on fuel, access to the fuel sites most convenient to your drivers and helps master your fuel management.

No matter the size of your business, we have the right solution to reduce your fuel spend, lighten your administrative workload and allow you to focus your efforts towards your customers.

The RHA Fuel Card

Your fuel needs are unique to your business. The vehicles you drive, the routes your drivers take, the time of day your drivers are on the road, where your drivers fill up, all makes a difference to you fuel usage. To help you manage your fuel needs the RHA Fuel Card is changing.

Find your nearest site using our new site locator tool.

Pricing – Fixed weekly pricing tracked to the wholesale base rate
Put money back into your business and take greater control over your fuel spend with consistent pricing and FREE cards for the first year (£7.50 per card per year thereafter). To add to all this, there are no set up fees or contracts, just savings.

Invoices – Single HMRC approved invoices
Reduce your paperwork and remove the need to keep receipts with simplified HMRC approved invoices.

Network – Over 2,000 sites nationwide including 80 motorway and over 500 HGV friendly sites
Giving your drivers access to the UK's largest commercial fuel network will save you time and money. Having a fuel site nearby, no matter where your drivers are, means they don't have to delay or deviate from their routes to refuel.

ControlMax – Complete control over your fuel management
Enjoy unprecedented levels of control over your fuel spend, using intelligent online software to monitor fuel purchases in real time. ControlMax allows you to set precisely where, when and how much fuel drivers can draw, increasing your ability to manage your fuel costs and limit fraud.

Reporting – Comprehensive reporting suite
Highlight inefficiencies and indicate areas for driver and vehicle performance optimisation with detailed reports covering all aspects of your fuel use; stock and transactions, card security, vehicle performance, network information and more.

Account Management – Live online access to your account
Manage all aspects of your account with unlimited access through our secure, easy to use online portal 24 hours a day. Order, amend and cancel cards, update security limits, all at a time that suits you.

Fuel Site Locator – Online site locator and fuel finder
Cut out wasted miles by helping your drivers find their nearest site quickly and easily. Our online site locator and fuel finder app identify and provide directions to the nearest fuel site and you can use the corridor search to plan fuel stops along your route.

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